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Patronus Laboratories Corp.

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 The Integrators and Dealers Resource

 Specializing in servicing the World's elite security professionals, Patronus Laboratories Corp. is an invaluable asset to many of the most successful security providers.

Patronus Labs is a unique company. A company which is dedicated to the integrator. In an ever complicated security environment, even the largest and most knowledgable integrators occassionally require assistance. Patronus Labs provides that shoulder to lean on, to any size company. Whether you need help sourcing a camera or you need to integrate RADAR, Video and Access Control into a cohesive situational awareness platform, Patronus Labs is here to assist.

 Current Projects
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As a Patronus Laboratories security dealer/integrator - NO JOB IS TOO BIG. Our dealer/integrators go into every bid knowing that they have the support they need to accomplish any security related installation. Don't walk-away from opportunity because your company doesn't have the required experience in every aspect of the project. As a dealer, Patronus Labs will be in your corner providing the knowledge and confidence to engage at the highest level.